Positive Mobile is a
media and monetization company, managing the largest website network in Israel

Positive Mobile is a media and monetization company, managing the largest website network in Israel encompassing dozens of leading apps and mobile sites: Reshet 13, Channel 14, News13, 0404, TMI, Sport5, BvD, La-Isha, At, TimeOut, Ha-Shulhan, Israelibaby, Yoledet, 10Min Recipes and many others

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Monetization & Programmatic Management

One-Stop-Shop – Increasing website revenue by managing, advertising and full monetization. We create competition between the different advertising tools to maximize website revenue. As official Google affiliate in Israel and an Aggregator managing dozens of apps and sites – we hold a Google MCM premium account given only to a handful of partners. The account enables us to manage Google programmatic tools with great accuracy and prioritizes websites under the account on Google’s add network.

Sales and Campaign Management

Your campaign will launched on premium mobile tools, monitored and regularly optimized to place your advertisement in the ideal spot for ultimate results. In addition, we sell advertisement media directly to advertisers and go to great lengths to preserve strong commercial bonds with Israeli add agencies for our clients benefit.

User acquisition campaigns & app promotion  – CPI

Managing user acquisition campaigns to increase downloads and obtain greater reach while hitting our client's goals every time – all within the cost per install model. Our campaigns run on a wide range of apps and mobile sites constantly optimized for your target outdistance. Your campaign's progress is visible and transparent in real time around the clock via AppsFlyer (or a monitoring system of your choosing)


Our network’s wide range of sites provides a platform for all types of campaigns with a competitive ROI


As a publisher you can maximize your revenues with no hands-on operations what so ever – we do all the heavy lifting for you, monetize websites, incorporate additional tools, optimize and manage programmatic publishing to maximize revenue from existing tools on your site by applying cutting edge unique direct sales technology

Partnership and transparency every step of the way – your commercial interests go hand in hand with ours

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